Find an Intentional Mindful Moment

Mindfulness has been around for centuries. It is the art and a practice of being able to focus. People practice mindfulness for many reasons including health, wellbeing, calming anxiety, and spiritual focus.  I have found that I can be a better leader, daughter, friend, and just a better person in general from a regular mindful practice.

Every practice is different, and I encourage you to find your own rhythm. I have found that there is no one right way. In my own daily practice, I try to focus 20 minutes a day. I can attest that I feel better when I can get that time. It calms the mind and the body as well.  

If I am experiencing a particularly busy day, I don’t judge myself (something I am still practicing and striving for – to be free of judgment). On those busiest of days, I always have time for a breath. One deep inhale and exhale. Eckart Tolle says one breath is a meditation. I can do this as I am washing my hands after a bio break, while I am traveling in an elevator or a bus, or even 30 seconds of silence and a purposeful breath or two as I close my eyes and go to bed. Find at least one intentional moment every day. That is how you can begin a mindful practice. 

Right now, take a deep breath in, and try to exhale longer than you inhaled. For 10 seconds pay attention to the feeling of being in this moment. Congratulations, you have started a practice!