Bridging the Gap: Addressing the Volunteer Decline Head-On

According to NPR, volunteering is on the decline again. As a lifelong, dedicated volunteer who has served nonprofits for my entire career, this decline is disheartening. Nonprofits do what government can’t and businesses won’t. They need our time, talent, and treasure. They are the heart of our communities. Nonprofits play a crucial role in supporting missions supporting equity, healthcare, youth activities, civil rights, and religious activities. Without nonprofits, our communities would start to crumble. They are the backbone of civil society and contribute to our quality of life. I don’t believe resolutions require a new year to be made, but if you are inclined to start anew this month, I encourage you to identify a cause or mission to which you can contribute generously. Volunteering is a good way. But only if you can commit. Episodic volunteerism is not a great practice and often can do more harm than good. Find a mission. Get to know the people. Support them in myriad ways through genuine partnership. Let’s collectively commit to the betterment of our communities. Follow me on social media @drtheresarickekiely on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. #mindfulleadership #nonprofitleadership Watch for my upcoming book on mindful nonprofit leadership coming soon!