Focus is a matter of deciding what things you are not going to do. – John Carmack


What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness amounts to being focused on and aware of how you are experiencing a moment. It is about simply experiencing the moment without judgment.  If your thoughts wander, you simply bring them back to the narrow experience of the moment – the breath, the music you hear, the food you smell, or the puppy you’re petting.

Mindfulness has its roots in many religious traditions and there are a variety of contemplative approaches. Mindful secular practices have also emerged in popular culture. There are hundreds of documented ways to practice personal and professional mindfulness from breathing, to journaling, to more organized events such as retreats.

There are numerous benefits to practicing mindfulness and the research is replete. Physical benefits include stress and anxiety reduction, lower blood pressure, and overall improved health. But there are also behavioral advantages such as enhancing focus, better decision-making, and emotional control.

There are many ways to practice! Here are other resources that may be helpful to you.


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Books on Mindfulness

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Kabat-Zinn, Jon. (2009). Letting Everything Become Your Teacher: 100 Lessons in Mindfulness.

Kabat-Zinn, Jon. (2013). Full Catastrophe Living (Revised Edition): Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain, and Illness.

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Books on Mindful Leadership

Bunting, M. (2016). The mindful leader: 7 practices for transforming your leadership, your organisation and your life.

Goleman, D., Boyatzis, R. E., McKee, A., & Johnston, F. (2015). Mindful Leadership: Emotional Intelligence Collection (4 Books).

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Additional Resources

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