Focus The person who chases two rabbits, catches neither.



We can all do better.

As a nonprofit leader, you’re always searching. You’re searching for funding, volunteers, opportunities, and ways to make a difference. You’re searching for a pathway to success for yourself, your organization, and the people you serve.

Leadership theories often don’t work for us. They frequently don’t fit or teach us to focus, and sometimes don’t feel authentic. Our missions are nuanced, personal, and crucial to the future of the human race.

Leadership should not be outside of us – it is something that comes from within and is continually growing if nurtured and cultivated. It must be a point of focus. And we can’t divorce the professional from the personal- it is a holistic and encompassing practice.

Successful mindful nonprofit leadership means turning inward and knowing yourself. Mindfulness gives you the freedom to honestly and with humility hear, truly see the path, and clearly move your organization forward. It is about letting go of the ego and letting your purpose become front and center.

Stop running the hamster wheel and step back. Think. Breathe. See. Focus. Inspire.